Delicious baked goods made from scratch.

A wide selection of baked goods for special occasions, or simple staples for your pantry.


Our breads are baked fresh in store daily, with a large range of breads to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Our breads are available to purchase individually or a custom bulk order for any occasion.


Our cakes are not very fancy or elaborately decorated but we make them all ourselves and bake them fresh every day. Choose from straightforward flavours like chocolate, vanilla, carrot and others.


Our muffins are baked fresh each morning and they are keep in a proper storage to keep fresh all day. Choose from our signature flavours that best suit your taste bud.


Baked fresh daily in our own kitchen. We offer several varieties of delicious pastries to kick-start morning meetings. Our yummy pastries can be enjoyed eating in or on the go.

Why Choose Us

  • Freshly baked everyday

  • Baked from scratch

  • Affordable Prices

At Mrs. B & B’s Bakery, you can be confident that you get freshly baked goods everyday. We sell a wide range of baked assorted goodies for any occasions. Visit or shop or contact us today to find out more about our products.

Freshly Baked Assorted Pastries

Baked goods freshly prepared ever day!

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What happy customers say about us

“Holy moly the brownie is heavenly! I have it hidden from my kids and I keep pinching off bites like a little mouse! I love to visit this bakery.” 

Mark Collins

“The carrot cake is so ridiculously delicious! We ate the first half within 24 hours & froze the rest. I’d recommend Mrs. B & B’s bakery to everyone.”

Michelle Andrews

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